“We’ve got friends, we swear!”

Sean and Steve host a delightful show looking at the golden goose of the golden age of television – and may be the only podcast that mentions Peter Falk more than we do. Check them out here!

We often say that there’s nothing new to say on Orson Welles, but that was before we met Matthew Gear. Check out his work here, and buy his new book here!

Trailers are ubiquitous, but when’s the last time you ever considered how they’re made, how they function, how they influence the viewer and even the finished film itself? If you said “never,” don’t fret – Jesse Balzer has you covered. Check out his ongoing research here!

Our friend Dru wrote a pretty wonderful book. Buy it here!

Our friend Eric writes a whole lot of essays on a whole lot of films. Read them here!

Our friend James rates and reviews nearly everything on Letterboxd. Read his work here!

In addition to being rather dashing, our friend Chris is an exceptionally funny comedian. Follow him on Twitter here!

Dave is camera shy, but he writes good reviews on Letterboxd anyway. Read them here!

Andrew has far more persistence than talent. Listen to his “music” here.