Welcome to FilmsTRIPS!

FilmsTRIPS is written, presented, and produced by Dave Babbitt and Andrew Kannegiesser.

Just what is FilmsTRIPS, you ask? Why, it is the film focused podcast hosted by Canada’s own Andrew Kannegeisser and Dave Babbitt, despite how much Canada might try to deny any responsibility for the pair! In each episode, Andrew and Dave discuss one film, contextualizing and taking it apart to see what makes it tick. The only catch? Every film under discussion has to somehow connect back to the film discussed in the preceding episode. The connection could be an actor. It could director. It could the key grip.

It could be YOU.

(It probably isn’t you. And if it is, sorry in advance.)

Dave Babbit

An educator and long time film geek, Dave has been spouting off about films online since the launch of 24 Panels Per Second in 2011. In addition to that late, great podcast, Dave also co-hosted CINEMA CHASE with James Hrivnak. More recently, Dave has been patiently waiting for someone to release the Peter Cushing Dalek films on Blu-Ray.

Andrew Kannegiesser

Andrew has studied many things. Film was one of them, and that is how he met David. 15 years, several municipalities, and a couple of career changes later, Andrew is just as excited to talk movies with Dave as he was from the very beginning.

When he isn’t banging on about socialism and why Hulk Hogan is overrated, he’s clocking nine to fives and imagining that he’s on the side of justice. Sometimes he sings. Sometimes he knows better.